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Duc is the founder of DT Electric Ltd. and has been an electrician in the North for over 15 years. He started the company with a 500-dollar van and some hand tools and built it up into today’s team of experienced professionals that can take on the most complex projects.

Duc is quick to thank his community for the support that, combined with his dedication and hard work, has allowed him and his family to prosper in the North. He wanted to start a company that made a difference in the same community, with an emphasis on building partnerships and helping employees grow and prosper as well.

airport taxi transfer“We work with a lot of great companies that give us many opportunities,†Duc says. “We have ongoing work with our partners at Capital City Construction, Northern Property, Bellanca Development and Mackenzie Management. We also get great opportunities from ARCAN, Clark Builders and Kasteel Konstruction.â€Â

Duc knows the learning curve is steep in the North and that there is no better training than the experience you get here. “A first-year electrician in the south is going to be carrying stuff around job sites, a second year electrician might be mounting boxes,†he says. “In the North, you get to do every aspect of the job. You get thrown into the fire and if you make a mistake, you never forget it.†Duc likes to see an apprentice just getting signed up in the electrical trade progress until they get their ticket, and have ultimate confidence that they are well trained.

Among the many projects on which he has been involved, Duc says a wild rose-shaped community centre in Dettah stands out, not only because of the architectural challenge of wiring it, but also because its unique aesthetic qualities emphasized the greater good the building was going to provide the community.

An ardent supporter of local sports, DT Electric Ltd. sponsors a multitude of activities that include kids soccer and hockey, women’s basketball and men’s volleyball. “When I was younger and my financial situation wasn’t great, a lot of local companies stepped up for me,†Duc says. “That’s why we sponsor a lot of local sports.â€Â

Duc’s goal as a director of DT Electric Ltd. is to build something that provides first-class electrical solutions, helps his employees grow, makes a difference in the community and lasts long after he is gone. “The North has given me everything I have,†he says. “My family and I love the North, it’s a special place for us. If our company can help others prosper than I think we’ve succeeded.â€Â

Good Building Practices

The Government of the Northwest Territories has developed a set of standards called “Good Building Practices for Northern Facilities†for specific systems and components. DT Electric Ltd. is experienced and knowledgeable in all these practices and will work diligently to ensure they are applied to your facility.

Services in Nunavut

DT Electric Ltd. specializes in Northern Arctic construction and provides services in Nunavut.

Project Management

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